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1. New TouchLess Plug & Play Technology Means No “Turn By Hand” Adjustment Valves. Through Physics This Newly Designed Technology Forms a Controlled Relationship Between Air & Water Meaning: “The Air Flow is Dependent on the Water Level and the Water Level is Determined by the Air Flow”.
This is How the Automatic Internal Water Level Control System Functions in This Protein Skimmer Design.

The Result:
A. Automatic Internal Water Level Control in a Wide Range of Sump tank Water Levels!
B. Eliminates the risk of Collection Container Flooding because the Internal Water Level is Not Effected by The Sump Tank Water Level Within The Range of the Model (62525A = 1″- approx. 5″). See Video →
C.  Internal Water Level is Unaffected by Power fluctuations and Moderate Algae Growth.

2. New Siphon Technology That Actually Pulls The Water Through & Out The Protein Skimmer By
Generating Water Flow Through The Natural Physics Of Siphon Technology, Compared to Using Energy From The Pump. This Technology Eliminates all Water Flow Restrictions In the Design.

The Result:
A. Utilizing 100% of The Water Pump Water Pressure Through Siphon Technology.
Smaller Water Pump Size Requirements Equals Less Power Consumption.
C. No Valves equals No Water Flow Restrictions.

3. Recirculates the same Air Rapidly Round & Round under a light Pressure Meaning: The pump pulls air from inside the collection container down into the pump returning it back to the collection container in the form of foam. Air pressure is the result in the collection container increasing the downward air flow back to the pump thus increasing air flow and the amount of foam generated. The pumps energy is reused instead of being vented out.
The Result:
A. Eliminates risk of smoke, mold spores, aerosol cleaners, air fresheners, perfumes, cooking fumes, dust and other airborne contamination in the room entering the water.
Eliminates the typical air sucking sounds.
C. Eliminates Fowl sewage waste odors and the high humidity that inheritably comes with it.
D. Option of connecting CO2 or O2 supply to hose to heavily saturate aquarium water with what your aquarium needs most.

E. Extend the use life of your CO2 or O2 supply by 10 fold as the gas will be 100% absorbed over time.

4. Lowering internal water level in order to remove collection container for emptying is simply done by pulling off the rubber tube at one end.
The Result:
Water pumps last much longer.
B. Uncollected protein waste infused foam column is retained in skimmer.
C. Eliminates the inconvenience of unplugging power plug and the risk of electrical shock.

1. Internal Water Level Adjustment:
Through the use of stove pipes, gate or globe valves that you “Turn By Hand” restricts the water flow exiting the skimmer modifying the internal water level by creating back pressure. The more you close off the valve (the less water flow through the skimmer) the greater the water flow restriction therefore increasing the back pressure forcing the internal water level to rise. This is often combined with an electronic speed controller that reduces the power incrementally to the pump
to further adjust the internal water level height.

To Put It Simply:
Through the process of restricting the water flow out & through the skimmer combined with further reducing the water flow by reducing the power to the pump IS the designed process of adjusting the internal water level for All Brands with Manual Valves. Once you set the level, it is only good for that specific sump tank water level. As the aquarium & sump tank water evaporates the sump tank water level drops and so will the internal water level. If a skimmer is set to rise the internal water 12″ above the sump tank water level and the sump tank water level drops 2″ so will the internal water level. In addition the water pressure the pump creates will also drop as the depth of water above it effects the pressure it creates and so the internal water level will drop more than just 2″.

The Result:
Painstaking process of learning how to set internal water level by turning valves by hand & pushing buttons on speed controllers.
The Continuous evaporation within aquarium and sump tank quickly lowers both Sump tank & Skimmer Internal Water Level Resulting in Poor removal of Protein Waste once the Foam Column is below the Set Point and Even Worse Once Below The Entrance of the Collection Container. Frequently Adjusting Valves & Buttons to Compensate for Evaporation is Time Consuming, Tedious & Runs the Risk of Flooding Collection Container when the Sump Tank Water Level is Replenished. It Can be a Daily Battle.
Changes in internal water level caused by Day/ Night power fluctuations and obstruction resistance caused by algae growth in pluming.
D. Flow restricting valves equal wasted pump energy and dramatically reduced water flow through the skimmer.
2. Air Supply Source
Draws room air in through exposed air suction inlet into pump, up through skimmer passing through the collected waste and back out the holes in the lid of the collection container.

The Result:
Sucking noises
Foul smelling waste odors
C. High humidity accumulation significantly raising the room “relative humidity” creating an ideal environment for mold spores & fungi populations, moisture on windows and corrosion.
D. Risk of air born contamination entering aquarium
E. Vented pump energy

3. Emptying Waste
Lowering internal water level to empty or clean collection container requires unplugging or turning off power.
The Result:
Protein Waste Foam Column Flushes Back Into Aquarium Water.
B. Excessive pump wear resulting in shorter pump life because turning pumps off and on wears them out.
C. Inconvenience.
D. Risk of electrical shock.

Will You Be Satisfied With Other Brands Manual Operation When Automatic Operation through TouchLess Plug & Play Functionality Provides:
1. Precise & Exact Internal Water Level Self Regulation (for Weeks on End) That in Itself Provides:
A. Continuous 100% Maximum Efficiency of Removing Protein Waste.
B. Eliminating The Risk of Collection Container Flooding Within You’re Constantly Changing Sump Tank Water Level Environment.
C. Customizable Precise & Consistent Foam Column Setting to Match Your Aquariums Load Factor that’s Unaffected by Sump Tank Water Level Changes of 1″-
approx. 5″ in TouchLess Plug & Play Model 62525A. See Video on This Page.

Size, Air Flow, & GPH Mean Very Little Without Constant & Consistent 100% Protein Waste Removal Efficiency.

1. Simplicity
2. Peace of Mind
3. Healthier Aquariums
4. Hands Free Operation
Superior Protein Waste Removal
6. Freedom From Babysitting
Longer Lasting Water Pumps
Unaffected Household Humidity
Extended Vacations From Your Home Without Worry

You Can’t Put a Price On That!

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For more information on protein skimmers, please visit OTTOMEDIC Main Website Click to Visit Site

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