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About Pro-Tein Clean:
Who We Are
PRO-TEIN CLEAN is owned & operated by Mr. James Allan Vassallo who is also the inventor of the new PRO-TEIN CLEAN TouchLess Plug & Play protein skimmer design. Mr. James Allan Vassallo successfully received patent 9078419 on July 14th, 2015 for this new protein skimmer design from the United States Patent & Trademark office through the professional services of Seed IP Law Firm in Seattle, WA. PRO-TEIN CLEAN LLC is located in the city of Covington, Washington and licensed with the city under U.B.I. # 603 549 333.

About Our Business
We manufacture and market the most sophisticated & technologically advanced protein skimmer on the market today. This patented design was built from the
ground up incorporating “Automation” never seen before. Professionals in the industry have said it defies logic and that it is counter intuitive and that puts a smile
on our faces. We own exclusive rights to this patented design and use sturdy Plexiglas Acrylic in all our manufacturing processes. Each part is hand made in the USA using the highest quality materials and standards in precision dimensions and finish. The design was developed to be durable for longevity and with the customer in mind to be able to easily disassemble for cleaning and reassemble with ease. This design has been perfected & tested for nearly 4 years of use without any
problems. Through “Automation” with this design the customer can focus on other aquarium needs instead of what their protein skimmer is doing. Our mission is to change the world one Pro-Tein skimmer at a time making the world a better place to live.

The History Behind The Product
Protein skimmers have been around for decades using the same old technology that will drive you crazy trying to make the water level inside them high enough to remove the sewage and yet not so high that it floods the sewage collected back into the aquarium. The problem being is this old technology is directly affected by the sump tank water level changes in height and mimics these changes, meaning the inside water level is constantly changing. They are not designed to deal with the constant change in sump tank water levels that naturally occurs from evaporation. It was this overwhelming frustration using this old technology (since the late 80’s) that prompted Mr. James Allan Vassallo to dream up a solution to eliminate his own frustrations. It was an exciting time for Mr. James Allan Vassallo after building a prototype and testing his theories he discovered that his design proved to be successful far beyond his own expectations. Now we give you the first production model 62525A.

Why Our Product Is So Unique
The PRO-TEIN CLEAN TouchLess Plug & Play Protein Skimmer Incorporates Self Regulation “of the Inside Water Level” Not being Affected by You’re Constantly Changing Sump Tank Water Level, Combined with Removing Sewage Waste at 100% Efficiency and Consistently for Weeks On End, Including Eliminating the Risk of Flooding Collected Waste Back Into Aquarium. Eliminating All Manual Adjustment Valves & Air Suction Sounds. Eliminating Fowl Sewage Odors and The High Humidity That Inherently Comes With It, and The Risk of Air Born Contamination Entering You`re Aquarium.



D.B.A. PRO-TEIN CELAN LLC in Covington, Washington, USA, U.B.I. # 603 549 333
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