The First Automatic Protein Skimmers are Here

Model   OTTOMEDIC “PROTEIN SKIMMER” With Integrated Hands Free Automatic Internal Water Level Control System (The Only One of It’s Kind) U.S. Patent 9078419 “OTTOMEDIC” PROTEIN SKIMMER Always Performing at 100% Efficiency In A Constantly Changing Environment. “OTTOMEDIC” PROTEIN SKIMMER Internal Water Level Always Exactly Where You Want It (Regardless of Changing… Continue reading

PROTEIN SKIMMERS Pro-Tein Clean Product Review By Dr. Paul Whitby

Pro-Tein Clean Review: One of the Most Automatic Skimmers To Date! March 8 2016, Dr. Paul Whitby – protein skimmers, protein skimmer, protein skimming, automatic protein skimmers, protein skimmers The Pro-Tein Clean protein skimmer is a new take on a pretty standard piece of reef aquarium equipment. We all know… Continue reading